My Kenmore elite refrigerator has very slow running water, how do I fix it?

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The Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator has an abundantly spacious cubic feet of capacity so you can fit in fresh groceries, snacks and leftovers and still have a bit of extra room.

By Stephanie [ Posts, Comments] October 14, found this helpful We had a similar problem with ice collecting on the bottom of our 12 year old Kenmore side-by-side starting last Spring. It would get to the point where you couldn’t shut the door due to 3 inches of collected ice and we had to defrost the freezer every few months. I did a lot of research and found that the water is a natural product of the defrost cycle that runs in the freezer to remove ice that builds up on the freezer element and it is supposed to drain out of the freezer through a little drain hole in the back and into a drain pain under the freezer – that explained the running water sound I used to hear from the fridge sometimes.

There are a couple possible reasons the ice might build up. First the freezer isn’t sealing so it’s generating a ton of frost and ice. You can try rubbing petroleum jelly along the rubber seal and that might help it certainly made the seal stronger on ours. Second, the drain hold could be clogged usually by a frozen pea or other crud , so the water can’t drain, freezes and builds up. If you can find the hole, defrost your freezer you can use a hair dryer to help melt the ice and then shoot hot water down the hole using a turkey baster.

You can also try clearing it with a pipe cleaner. Make sure that the water runs into the drain pan. Then, if the problem happens again, I found that our freezer was supposed to have a little piece of metal that runs from the defrost element to the drain hole In our fridge that little metal piece had gotten broken off somehow. There is a replacement part you can buy, but the shipping on it was ridiculous, so I decided to try a hack I found on a forum online that involved loosely wrapping a 15 gauge piece of wire around the element twice and putting the other end a little ways into the drain hole very important to do this when the freezer is defrosted and unplugged.

Then when the element heats up to run the defrost cycle to remove ice buildup from the freezer coils, it transfers the heat down the wire and into the drain, defrosting any ice so the water can drain out like it’s supposed to.

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The Kenmore Elite cubic foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is designed to give you plenty of versatile storage space to keep your foods fresher, longer.

Due to high costs for keeping this site running, please consider making a donation. A little today will help to ensure we will still be here tomorrow! Refrigerator Not Cold Enough My refrigerator is running but not cold enough Start out with the easy stuff first Check to make sure the evaporator fan in the freezer is working, this fan blows the cold air around. If the fan is not working, possible bad fan motor – check for power to the fan motor and also check the fan switches around the door openings, if your fridge has these switches, not all do.

A common problem cropping up in the last several years has been the air damper not opening up and allowing the cold air from the freezer to be blown into the fresh food section mostly on SxS refrigerators. For many years the air damper was manually operated and now we have motorized controlled or temperature controlled or thermistor and electronic boards controlling air dampers, and if this device sticks closed the FF section will normally warm up. An example picture of “one” style and an air damper called a diffuser by Whirlpool.

Next would be to check the condenser tubing, a good place to start is to make sure the condenser coils are not built up with dust!! Make sure the condenser fan motor is also working properly. Check for any “clicking on and off” noises from the compressor, is the compressor running.

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I had purchased other refrigerators from Sears in the past, and always appreciated the quality of their products until now. My refrigerator stop cooling in April. Since that time, a plethora of technicians and parts have been ordered for the refrigerator. Only July 9, , a compressor was installed. The refrigerator cooled for one hour and suddenly stopped. As a result, I have been without a refrigerator since April. Currently, I am home recuperating from surgery last month.

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Vacuum Cleaner Help Line: It will help you assemble and operate your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner in the safest and most effective way. For more information about vacuum cleaner care and operation, call the Vacuum Cleaner Help Line at You will need the complete model and serial numbers when requesting information. Your vacuum cleaner’s model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate.

Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner.

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Here’s the first thing to look at: Water Inlet Valve How it Works: If the refrigerator ice maker is not working the water inlet valve might be defective. The water inlet valve is an electro-mechanical valve. The coil can show good for continuity and still not let the water thru.

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