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Natalie Paris The sudden bumps and drops caused by turbulence at 35, ft are often blamed for instilling a fear of flying in people, which at least one in ten people suffer from. Yet, while there are suggestions that it is increasing , experts say turbulence is a harmless and often unavoidable part of flying, with the vast majority of turbulence-related injuries caused by unfastened seatbelts, or falling luggage. Those whose palms sweat at the unexpected soaring or diving of a plane should take heart, however, as commercial pilots have revealed some very simple, if somewhat unusual, ways of banishing that feeling of terror on a flight. Clench your buttocks A British Airways-led fear of flying course at Heathrow Airport revealed this rather unlikely solution for turbulence jitters. His tips for dealing with fear included utilising distraction techniques, such as clenching buttocks. Just the thought of how ridiculous a coping strategy this is should help take your mind off any bumps.

6 Things You May Not Know About Dating a Flight Attendant

The modern world of dating is simultaneously easier than ever before—we can message prospective partners from our phones, conduct webcam dates via Skype, and spend more time in the romantic entanglements of other people through reality television than we do our own. Dating is a minefield and putting your heart out there for someone can be brutal, scary, and terrifying—as well as being wonderful, fulfilling and joyous.

Besides, a bit of subterfuge is part and parcel of most successful relationships.

10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls. Note: The article ’10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls’ was meant to be for fun. I am speaking from just my own personal experience as a white male and, of course, these points do not refer to all Korean women.

Pamela Gardapee Understanding how women are attracted to men requires knowing what attracts women to men. Women pick men for different reasons, but it always come back to a few things that make a woman fall in love. Read on to learn how to understand how women are attracted to men. Meet Singles in your Area! Understanding why a woman is attracted to man requires looking at the man from the standpoint of the woman.

The man may have appealing qualities that only some women can see. Women like men that are intriguing and interesting. Attractions to men can be for their money. Many women want to have a husband that is successful and can make a living to provide the finer things in life. Finding a rich man takes time and women are very eager to converse with a man that has money. Kindness is another way to attract a woman. Men that show kindness and sincerity always seem to have women around him that want to get to know him better.

Kindness comes in different forms. A man that says nice things to a woman, brings her breakfast in bed or just spends time talking to a woman about her day shows kindness.

Ryanair pilots strike is under way – how you’re affected

Known industry wide for the relentless pursuit of safe, reliable helicopter transportation, PHI offers services to the offshore Oil and Gas, onshore mining, International, Air Medical, and Technical Services industries. The Company’s core business consists of offshore operations in the energy basins around the world. The highly skilled staff of pilots and maintenance technicians gives the company great depth in all areas of operation.

The PHI team is composed of highly skilled, dedicated, hardworking and loyal employees. PHI has flown more types of helicopters, under a greater variety of conditions, over a longer period of time, than any other civilian helicopter operator We recognize that a patient’s best chance at survival often rests on our abilities.

The Pizza Joint in El Paso, Texas, delivers a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving treat.

Seeing as the dating industry can be very profitable, it is only natural to wonder about the idea of starting a dating website on your own. So, how much does it cost to start a dating website? Domain name One of the first things to consider is the cost of domain name. A valid and memorable domain name is essential in establishing your brand and in building trust, making your site recognizable.

There are many domain providers, for example GoDaddy. Hosting The next important topic is web hosting service. It is possible to obtain server space completely free, but do you really need it?

Ryanair pilots strike is under way – how you’re affected

Ryanair ‘pulls out all stops’ in bid to beat the pilots’ strike Independent. Sources said the company may fly in cockpit crew from bases abroad to fill gaps when its directly employed Irish-based pilots mount pickets in a row over better conditions. There was some hope last night the industrial action could be averted. The pilots’ union and the airline are set to hold talks tomorrow at Dublin Airport on the eve of the strike.

Ryanair is due to unveil its contingency plans to minimise disruption to passengers by email and text today.

The Pizza Joint in El Paso, Texas, delivers a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving treat.

Stubborn dating software providers that are still in business. This is not a collection of software reviews. It’s more of an overview of key players in dating software industry and some insights on the idea of building a dating site with an off-the-shelf platform. White-label, open-source, downloadable dating software is, in a way, a thing of the past.

Online dating space itself has consolidated under major players, and niche sites are mostly parts of large shared-database networks. On top of that, popular trend of the day is to use mobile apps for dating ala Tinder. So, wanna-be dating site operators are a dying breed and there’s less and less activity on supply side either.

People just don’t have that “Oh, I gotta launch my own dating site” idea pop up in their mind as often as in early s. It’s not too late to launch a dating site. Internet is a vast space of opportunities. Time of the Web is not linear. There are people ahead of time, people behind, and some are on-time. What seems old and tired for one million of potential clients may seem new and exciting for another million.

It’s the packaging, stupid!

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Internet sites such as the Elder Wisdom Circle offer relationship advice to a broad audience; Dear Maggie offers sex advice to a predominantly Christian readership in Christianity Magazine , and Miriam’s Advice Well offers advice to Jews in Philadelphia. Men as advice columnists are rarer than women in print, but men have been appearing more often online in both serious and comedic formats.

Typical format[ edit ] Questions are most often asked anonymously, with the signature assuming the problem that is being expressed. For example, someone who is asking about erratic behaviour in their partner may sign their letter “Confused, Johannesburg”. On the Internet, a greater variation on the signature theme is often seen: Dan Savage uses this method to comic effect in his Savage Love column.

StrategyPage’s Military Jokes and Military Humor. Military Jokes and Humor stories have always amused and entertained. We know that there are hundreds and hundreds of military jokes out there.

Share this article Share During his evidence he told the inquest that they had landed on the field times before, and that ‘overshooting is standard practice if the landing site is unsuitable’. A previous report stated up to 40 Afghan soldiers were playing football in the area. Flight Lieutenant Karim Zid, who was on board the lead helicopter, described the moment they saw people playing football would prevent them from landing. I saw Puma II in a steep nose dive position – it was clear it was not flying in a controlled way.

He said he did not see the other helicopter strike the tether, but heard ‘throttles’ sounded over the radio, and that he saw it ‘pitching and rolling’, adding that ‘it was clear something had gone wrong’. A friend of Flt Lt Scott for more than six years, Sgt Craig said he was ‘aware of his own limitations’, was a ‘good pilot’ who ‘never made a dangerous approach into anywhere’. The pair were flying in the Puma Mk2 aircraft, like that pictured in this file photo During his evidence he also highlighted how he completed another tour in Afghanistan from January to April this year, saying that the field is still being used by Afghan footballers to train on and as a landing site.

He added that the balloon is ‘still in the same position’ but that ‘procedures have changed’, and said he did not see the pitch being used by players on any subsequent landing approaches during his latest deployment. A statement from an unnamed US civilian passenger who survived the crash was also read out in court by Coroner Darren Salter. Within in they described hearing a ‘loud pop’, before carrying on at a normal height and then told how the helicopter started to ‘jerk and drop’.

They said it felt as if the helicopter was being controlled as it fell, and for a few seconds they thought the pilot was trying to land. This file photo of a US helicopter over Kabul shows the environment the men were flying in The inquest also heard that Flt Lt Scott, 32, from London, died as a result of ‘multiple injuries and a closed head injury’.

Selfie: “Pilot” Review of a Historic AMWF Romantic Comedy

Pratt and Whitney R N2, Propellers The main compartment contained the helium and the smaller compartments, called ballonets, contained air. The air was used to trim the ship. If air was pumped from the forward ballonet to the aft ballonet it would force helium toward the front of the bag causing the nose to go up. Therefore, the air was like ballast, if pumped aft the tail would go down, if pumped forward the nose would go down.

We controlled the air and helium by control cables on the flight station overhead control panel.

I’m hurtling towards France on the Eurostar train out of London. Although I usually make an effort to look business casual when I travel, this time I’ve gone all out: freshly shaven, perfectly pressed tailored shirt, cologne applied liberally.

Understand the different levels of care you can expect from each facility. Detox facilities provide a safe, medicinally aided and monitored program for addressing the physical aspects of addiction. Residential rehabilitation programs provide care in a controlled environment with extra support to help mitigate the risk of relapse during recovery.

Partial hospitalization treatment options are most beneficial for those who with a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder. Intensive Outpatient Programs of care allow one to get the treatment they need while still maintaining outside responsibilities such as working and attending school. Sober living communities help continue the process of addiction recovery and sobriety by providing safe, drug and alcohol-free housing beyond rehab.

Some of the health insurances we accept Photo Gallery Our Clients Reviews The attitude of their staff is very warm and welcoming. The person I interacted with was a therapist himself and he helped clear all of my doubts. I will surely recommend them to others. I called to ask for help in finding a facility for my mom. They gave us listings to choose from in no time!

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Ryanair strike involving its Irish-based pilots is under way after a last-ditch bid to resolve conditions of employment failed on Wednesday. Up to 30 flights between Ireland and the UK have been cancelled over the strike action. A number of Ryanair’s directly employed pilots have taken to the picket line on Thursday morning after members of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association Ialpa voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action last month.

The union says the Dublin-based carrier is not taking its demands seriously over pay and conditions, issues over seniority and how annual leave is dealt with.

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Like the title implies, this series features a lot of… well, selfies. Eliza Dooley Karen Gillan is a selfie-obsessed, twitter-crazed young woman so, you know, normal who has worked tirelessly on her online image due to a less-than-glamorous childhood. He encourages her to put down the iPhone and actually engage people in real life. He firmly believes people have traded social connections for wifi-connections and that, by reversing those priorities, people will be happier.

With this concept in mind, he loyally coaches the struggling Eliza through real life, seeing the potential that she has. Personally, it was a little distracting for me, but I can see that they were definitely trying to appeal to the millennial crowd. John Cho is simply superb, obviously. And I loved Karen Gillan in both Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, but I definitely found it a little off-putting how forced her American accent and mannerisms are from her Scottish background.

Quite frankly, it can be downright disrespectful. After a few phone calls, they signed on John Cho, all agreeing that he really was the perfect fit they never expected. So what does this mean?