Classic Seagull motors get run on Waitara River

With apologies for the poor quality, we have reproduced this list directly from the original manuals. As this is an important source of information we hope you find it useful. As an added feature I have retyped a table supplied by Ian Talmage, based on the original info, I hope it might be easier to read and maybe have extra info available. When I am satisfied all my gremlins are out of it and I have added as much as I can, I might delete the first one, but at the moment I leave both, as the first one came direct from the horses mouth, so to speak, British Seagull. Scan right down to the bottom of the page for the latest edition. I think these tables are about as correct as I can get them, I will remove the originals at some time, when I’m sure! In the numbers below, for early years, some of the numbers do not appear to make sense. For instance in the numbers appear to run backwards, or should be ? In the Super model OF the use of a ‘ ‘ symbol appears.

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Money was tight so I traded its remains and £10 for a Seagull Silver Century outboard which ran confidently for three or four minutes before slowing to a gentle stop. Most of those available are either the Century or the Forty series, either direct drive or with a neutral clutch, dating from to

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Aug 18,  · British Seagull “The best Outboard motor for the World” Arne Lagerholm, Uppsala, Sweden Updated If you have seen a British Seagull outboard engine on a boat you may think it looks very antique and old.

This pair later bought the manufacturing rights and marketed outboards as Bristol Seagull, later moving to Poole and settling for the name British Seagull. The Seagull outboard motor had a simple single cylinder water-cooled two-stroke engine. Even a rudimentary rubber “storm cowl” was an optional extra, and induction noise when running was pronounced. Above the cylinder head was bolted a small brass fuel tank whose A simple plastic filter filter on the banjo union to the carb gave rudimentary secondary filtering, but it was still not unusual for the carb jets to become blocked.

Starting was effected with a hand-wound pull-rope, although a recoil starter became an option in due course. Connecting the motor to the gearbox and propeller werere two downtubes, the forward one containing the drive shaft and the aft tube serving as the exhaust, which vented underwater. This arrangement meant that the engine could not be rotated degrees as can more modern engines.

The Seagull handbook advises that the engine can be safely run at full throttle partly to prevent the spark-plug from oiling up but adds that is wasteful to try to exceed the maximum design speed of a displacement hull, suggesting a “one-third open throttle” usually suffices.

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Wondering what model outboard you’ve got? Select the model code (see sample serial number diagram at right) from the dropdown menu below and click the ‘GO’ button.

Identification Information Serial Numbers to Early models, manufactured from to , used a letter code and production number to denote the model and year of manufacture. Use the tables below to identify your outboard model and the date range it was manufactured. For production number and year manufactured information, click on the ‘Year’ link in the tables. Serial Numbers to From on a letter code, production number and ending letter s and number code were used in the serial number to denote the model, production number and month and year of manufacture.

The letter indicates the month and the number the year of manufacture, i. From two letters were used in the code to indicate the month, i.


Seagull outboard dating Some of the letters in seagull outboard dating engine lettering code stand for different parts of the particular models. Today, his home and his life are their sanctuary. Many engines manufactured during this time period to were outside their supposed production slot.

The History of British Seagull Outboards Just how many British Seagull outboard engines are in sheds, garages and outhouses? The original design was one of many initiated by the original manufacturers, John Marston Ltd and the Sunbeam Motor Company, the makers of the famous Sunbeam motorcycles.

A sinking boat would usually be enough to end a race, but not for Seagull outboard racers. Graham and Jan Keegan are running their 10th Seagull Outboard Event, in which competitors from around the North Island race small boats powered by the classic Seagull motors up and down the Waitara River. The racing isn’t without its spills and thrills. Jan said they have had three boats capsize during the decade the event has been running, including one boat that was caught by the wind, up-ended and sent to the bottom of the river.

Luckily, the coastguard was on hand and pulled the boat up to the dock, where the motor was restarted. The day will feature five races, if the weather holds off, with the boats divided into classes depending on the power of the engine, ranging from 1. British Seagull first began building outboard motors in the s and continued to build them until the s. Saturday’s racing is for boats with motors dating from before , which are classed as classics. Competitors are expected from around the North Island for the races, but the Graham said they were never quite sure how many would turn up until the day.

Most of the races were just for fun, but “some of the guys take it a bit serious”, he said. Graham said there were a few different events around the country for Seagull enthusiasts, including an international two-day race down the Waikato River, as well as more leisurely events. The races will run every hour from 10am on Saturday, November 28 and will start at the boat ramp, head inland to the SH3 bridge before turning around and heading back to the ramp.

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Oct 04,  · Oddly, the Norman web site is not as complete and thorough as the A&L, S&P and Seagull sites. It appears that Godin doesn’t give Norman as much respect as their other brands, so you may be onto something about eventually discontinuing that line.

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Identification Information Serial Numbers ( to ) Early models, manufactured from to , used a letter code and production number to denote the model and year of manufacture.

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Making myself not go back to bed, I shrugged off my sleep pants and pulled on my swim trunks. With a shiver, I grabbed a towel, dropped it into a chair by the metal ladder off the back and — with no time to allow myself to hesitate — stepped off the back of the sailboat. Plunging past the golden Caribbean Star nameplate, I vanished into a storm of salty bubbles, which streamed up my body tickling every hair. The rush of water was delightfully warm.

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Lawrence Sailing Skiff with mast and boom. Some interesting features make this gorgeous boat stand out such from other skiffs such as a retractable center board and bronze mast clamp. The mast clamp makes setting the mast a simple tilt up rather than lifting which is unfriendly to the back and risks capsizing. This skiff was restored by Milt Carnegie of the Islands in the late 70’s who was considered to be one of the best skiff restorers in the area. Today it is essentially a new boat and needs only varnishing and painting before putting it back in the water.

Because of it’s age and design it should be a good boat show entrant and is a very worthy candidate for a simple restoration project.

Seagull outboard race. Lerryn. Fowey. Cornwall